God is not wasteful but, He is very extravagant!

What could be better than serving the God who created the whole universe?

Science tells us that the known universe… that’s just the part that we can see… is several BILLION light years across!


I learned something about God many years ago… He’s not wasteful, but He’s very extravagant!

If there’s anything that we as humans struggle with, it’s thinking too small. I feel that as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, with His Spirit living inside us, and an unlimited capacity for faith in our hearts; we should be the people who think the biggest, who dream the greatest, and who do the “mostest”! That’s why in our series right now on God’s Plan for Abundance, the fact that the Lord wants to bless His children with more than enough for every life situation should be an easy thing for us to grasp.

He wants us to have so much; we lead the world in our graciousness, our philanthropy and our support of worthwhile causes.

Remember… the issue with God is never how much we have, what He looks at is “what has us”! He’s the God of the heart… so our focus is to keep our heart humble and right before Him.I believe if we’ll do that, our Father will cause “all these blessings to come upon us and overtake us” because He loves to bless His kids!

- Craig Buroker

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