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Don't Underestimate what can Happen in One Minute

How we underestimate the value of a minute. How often have we asked the question…’Got a minute’, or said to a work collegue…’I need this done this minute.’ Ever heard a store clerk say to you…’be with you in a minute.’

Some people think that ‘a fool is born every minute’ or that ‘every minute counts’. Some even have said,’ I’d quit my job in a New York minute…’ which causes one to wonder if a minute in New York is very different than a minute in Calgary.

We want ‘minute rice’, minit tapioca and minute maid drinks. Our news must be breaking and up to the minute.

In such a fast paced world a minute can seem so small and insignificant – blink and you will miss it. But a lot can happen in one minute –

· Google processes over 3.8 million search querries

· 3.3 million Facebook posts are made

· Twitter users tweet nearly 448, 800 times

· 65,972 photos are uploaded on Instagram

· 205 million emails are sent

In all that flurry of activity, it is easy to lose sight of God’s timing. The course of our lives can change in just one minute with God. All you need is one minute with God for things to be different. After all, the One who created time and all the minutes that we encounter is more than able to orchestrate your one-minute encounter so that it comes at the exact time and precise moment when you need it. He is never early and He is never late. And when that minute comes – when God shows up with His Presence and Glory – things will change forever.

- Craig Buroker

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