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Learning the Basics of Biblical Finance

Updated: Mar 15

Is it happening? Is it changing? Are you activating the principles of the Word for blessing and abundance? Remember when we were in school as kids, the teachers would go over and over things with us!

I remember in Grade 7 or 8 when my math teacher, Mr. Cowell told us that we had to learn our times tables… he said that it was something we would use all of our lives. At that time I didn’t get it… I didn’t understand how knowing 6 x 5, and 7 x 8 could possibly be important to my 15 year old life!

Class after class we went over ALL the numbers times 2, then 3 then 4 then 5 then 6 then 7 and so on until we could rattle off 7 x 7 = 49 without missing a beat. Interesting that as I look back I can see how I’ve used what I learned in grade 8 almost every day since then! It’s the same with what we’re learning now regarding the basics of Biblical Finance. To hear these scriptures once is just the start… to take them and say them over and over and commit them to memory and make them a part of us until they come out of us without thinking is when we’re going to see supernatural adjustments begin to happen in our financial lives.

Let me tell you something… if the great wealth transfer the scripture speaks of is going to happen on our watch… it’s those who have built this system of truth into their hearts that will be the most prepared for God to use! Are you in?

- Craig Buroker

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