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Restoring Christian Values

Normally I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to all the latest things happening in politics. We don’t have satellite TV, I don’t read a lot of daily news from papers or magazines, and only rarely do I go online to find out what’s happening in the political realm.

However… the recent inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th US president is extremely interesting! I just finished Lance Wallnau’s book “God’s Chaos Candidate” in which he makes a convincing case for this man as one that God will use to upset the status quo of the entrenched American political system. The steps that he has already taken to go against the well funded left wing agenda of the Democratic platform are very encouraging! There is an indication that he will defund Planned Parenthood which is one of the largest “abortion machines” in the world! At his inauguration, a number of prayers were prayed that openly used the name of Jesus… a huge turnaround from the last president. He has already had the Muslim prayer room removed from the White House and instead created a simple chapel with a cross on the wall for “anyone” who wants a place to pray. As well, he has created a Christian minister’s “advisory group” with some names I have long been familiar with (and respect) to not only pray for him but to advise him on spiritual matters important to the nation! Does he have flaws and personality traits that need work… yes! But don’t you and I have the same?

As a prophetic church and one that feels a responsibility to engage in things that determine the spiritual climate of our nation, I believe that what has just happened in the US could go a long way to seeing Christian values restored for our southern neighbor… in a time when they desperately need it. Let’s remember that as we pray for Canada… the same thing could happen here!

- Craig Buroker

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