Apostolic Prayers: Impacting the Business Mountain - Book

Apostolic Prayers: Impacting the Business Mountain - Book


Apostles in the Marketplace govern in businesses and finances. The spiritual dynamic of the process is often overlooked and may be the missing ingredient for Kingdom success on the Business Mountain. These prayers are for faith-filled believers who want to see the power of God move to bring the Kingdom of God to the marketplace. This book covers prayers for the business leaders, the sphere of influence of the business, scriptures to stop the enemy’s plans, declarations of Kingdom purposes into situation, and basic requests of businesses everywhere. Because business and economy are closely tied, there are also declarations and scriptures for finances. Regular prayer helps keep the people and the businesses moving forward, especially when based on God’s Word. Let’s keep the atmosphere, productivity, and purpose of the Business Mountain welcoming and inviting to the Spirit of the Lord.

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    Apostolic Prayers by Anne Buroker

    Format: Paperback


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